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Round Brilliant engagement rings

Each Round engagement ring highlights the triangular and kite-shaped facets of the most popular VRAI created diamond shape.


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Discover Round Brilliant cut diamond engagement rings

Explore styles featuring Round Brilliant cut VRAI created diamonds to find the one that’s right for you.

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Learn more about round brilliant engagement rings

Read how to pair your round engagement ring with a wedding band

When it comes to pairing a round engagement ring with a wedding band, you have many options.

Learn about round brilliant vs oval engagement rings

Round and Oval diamonds are both brilliant-cut diamonds that have a lot of fire, brightness, and scintillation thanks to their triangle and kite-shaped faceting.

Learn about round brilliant vs cushion cut diamond shapes

Two versatile diamond shapes that you may find yourself deciding between are the Round Brilliant cut diamond and the Cushion cut diamond.

Round engagement ring FAQ

A round-shaped diamond is referred to as a Round Brilliant cut diamond. Round refers to the overall shape, whereas Brilliant refers to the cut or facets of the diamond. A brilliant cut is renowned for its spectacular shine, which is one of the reasons Round Brilliants are the most popular diamonds of all time. An engagement ring that features one single Round Brilliant cut diamond is called a solitaire engagement ring.

Prioritize diamond cut when buying a round diamond ring. Because this shape is known for its much-desired brilliance, consider compromising on carat, color, or clarity before cut quality for maximum scintillation.

The most important way to pair your Round Brilliant engagement ring with a wedding band is to try the two on together to ensure a comfortable fit. A diamond expert can assist you in finding a match depending on your style of ring.

Most engagement rings featuring a round cut diamond will pair with traditional bands like a Flat or Round Band. For a diamond-accented option, consider a petite Eternity Band, an Infinity Band, or a Devotion Band with Round Brilliant diamonds.

When you select a round engagement ring featuring lab-grown diamonds sustainably created in our zero-emission foundry, as well as platinum or recycled solid gold, your engagement ring is a reflection of your true love and true values.

The sustainably created Round Brilliant cut diamond featured in your setting is free from human or environmental toll — which means you can enjoy its beauty, guilt-free.

Choosing a Round engagement ring means that you have timeless taste. A Round Brilliant diamond ring is perfect for those with classic or more traditional style who look beyond trends for a setting that will stand the test of time. Because of its precise cut that maximizes scintillation, the Round Brilliant is often chosen by diamond connoisseurs with discerning taste

Round diamonds sparkle the most. The sparkle of a diamond is the brilliance, fire, and scintillation of a diamond, defined by its cut. Round brilliant diamonds excel due to their faceting structure and concentrated shape, creating the most captivating sparkle of all diamond cuts.

Absolutely, a round brilliant cut diamond is the most popular diamond shape, followed by the Princess cut. The round brilliant cut's popularity and versatility make it a timeless option for any jewelry piece. With 58 facets, it maximizes brilliance, ensuring a stunning choice for various styles.

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