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Wedding Ring Sets: A Shopping and Styling Guide

Angelica Frey | June 24, 2023

Angelica Frey | June 24, 2023

When people shop for an engagement ring, they may choose a wedding ring that is coordinated to the engagement ring by diamond shape or style of the band, but there really are no hard-set rules when it comes to building a wedding ring set.

Wedding bands allow you as much creative freedom as engagement rings. Bands featuring VRAI created diamonds come in different diamond shapes, widths, metal colors, and settings.Whether you prefer a classic to contemporary wedding set, our experts can help you discover wedding ring sets that best suit your style.

What Are Wedding Sets?

A wedding ring set comprises an engagement ring and wedding band that are selected to be worn together. Many people choose to wear both rings together on the left ring finger.

Most sets match in one way or another. The engagement and wedding rings can both be made from platinum or 18k solid yellow gold, share the same shape or style, or feature a pavé on the band, for example. Sets do not have to match, however; a growing trend is to mix and match different designs and metal colors for a look that expresses your unique style.

Considering that you will wear your wedding set for the rest of your life, choosing a design and color that aligns with your style is of paramount importance. When it comes to pairing your engagement ring with your wedding band, you can mix and match metals, styles, or diamond shapes.

Create a Wedding Set by Diamond Cut

Most diamond cuts fall into two categories which detail the diamond’s faceting: step-cut diamonds and brilliant-cut diamonds. Step-cut diamonds feature trapezoidal facets that run parallel to the diamond’s edge, while brilliant-cut diamonds have triangular and kite-shaped facets that create a lot of fire and scintillation.

Wedding bands featuring VRAI created diamonds highlight Round Brilliant and Baguette diamonds. VRAI’s Eternity, Devotion, Infinity and Half Pavé bands feature Round diamonds, so they pair well with engagement rings with a brilliant-cut center stone, including Round Brilliant, Oval, Pear, Trillion, or Marquise. VRAI’s Baguette Bar Band and Baguette Devotion band come with Baguette diamonds and complement Emerald and Asscher engagement rings. If you want to mix things up a little bit, the Alternating Shapes band highlights both Baguette and Round diamonds, and suits most diamond shapes.

The Baguette Bar Band
The Emerald Solitaire
The Alternating Shapes Band

Create a Wedding Ring Set by Style

Certain engagement rings featuring VRAI created diamonds also have a matching band to go with them. That’s because they feature particular curves, dips, and band heights that limit the types of matches. The domed top of the Curator engagement ring pairs perfectly with the Curator band and with the Inlay band, for example.

The Curator Band
The Curator
The Inlay Band

Create a Wedding Set by Color

Color is another great way to create a set, as the metal color immediately adds consistency and continuity between your engagement ring and your wedding band(s).

White Gold Wedding Ring Sets

A wedding and engagement ring set in 18k solid white gold is clean and bright, highlighting the brilliance of your VRAI created diamond to perfection.

The Round
The Half Pavé Band
The Devotion Band

Yellow Gold Wedding Ring Sets

The warmth and classic hue of your 18k yellow gold set is perfect on its own or enhanced with handset pavé stones for added brilliance.

The Flat
The Signature V Band
The Devotion Band

Platinum Wedding Ring Sets

As it is slightly harder than solid gold, those who choose a platinum wedding and engagement ring set do so for its extra durability and strength.

The Knife-Edge Band
The Alternating Shapes Band
The Eternity Band

Rose Gold Wedding Ring Sets

Because it pairs well with yellow and white gold or can stand alone, a romantic rose gold set is ideal for fine jewelry collections featuring a variety of metal colors.

The Curator Band
The Chevron Band
The Half Pavé Band

How Do I Add More Rings to My Set?

Once you build your wedding set, it’s easy to add new rings to commemorate special occasions, milestones, or celebrate the steady growth of your love story. If you decide to stick to a uniform color palette, pick a ring with the same color as your wedding set. If you want to maintain consistency in terms of diamond shape, get a ring that has (roughly) the same cut as your engagement ring. VRAI’s wedding rings come with step-cut (Baguette) or brilliant cut (Round) diamonds. If you’re looking to keep a homogenous style, be mindful of your band’s width, depth, and overall shape.

“One great way to add additional rings to the stack is to contrast simple designs with more complex designs! I find that spacer rings are underutilized in stacks – like our Small Round band or Flat Band – but can be a great way to break up the stack so that it doesn’t look too busy to the eye,” says Queena Chang, VRAI’s Chief Diamond Expert and GIA Graduate Gemologist. “Another option I like is to stack different diamond styles, such as the baguette devotion next to a round brilliant pavé style so that you can see the clear distinction between the rings.”

How Do I Add More Rings on Another Finger/Hand?

If you want to add more rings to another finger or hand, the good news is that you can choose a more opulent or bolder ring that would otherwise cannibalize your set, if worn as part of a stack. Eternity and Five-Stone rings, for example, both make stunning right-hand or middle-finger rings.

The Five Stone Band
The Eternity Band
The Five Stone Halo Band
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