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Lab-grown diamond jewelry

Express your values and style with sustainable fine jewelry.

Express your values and style with sustainable fine jewelry.

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How to buy jewelry with lab-grown diamonds

A favorite way of buying jewelry with VRAI created diamonds is through a virtual or in-person appointment with VRAI’s diamond experts. They’ll offer you personalized guidance to help you find the designs meant just for you. VRAI also offers multiple guides and styling pages to help you in your search.

VRAI converts greenhouse gas into diamonds sustainably created in our zero-emission foundry in America’s Pacific Northwest. These diamonds are then polished by international craftspeople before being set in recycled solid gold designs. This means the VRAI created diamond jewelry you select is a reflection of both your values and style.

While most associate the 4Cs with selecting a diamond for their engagement ring, the 4Cs matters with jewelry, as well. When creating your own Solitaire necklace and studs, for example, you must choose your preferred carat weight to begin the process. Should you select a VRAI created diamond over 1 carat, you will be directed to our diamond table to purchase the specific stones to complete your look.

Take your diamond shape and metal color into consideration while choosing based on the 4Cs. For an Emerald cut diamond, cut and clarity should be prioritized. For a white gold setting, diamonds higher up on the color scale are preferred. Speak with a diamond expert for more detailed advice or learn more about the 4Cs.

The most popular diamond jewelry designs are usually effortless essentials that can be worn both every day and for special occasions. This includes Solitaire necklaces and studs, as well as Bezel Solitaire necklaces, studs, and bracelets. With customizable diamond shapes and metal colors, these looks work for almost any style. Other popular designs include Halo necklaces and studs, as well as diamond-accented rings like Infinity Bands and Mixed Cuff Rings.

The best way to layer your diamond jewelry is to start with designs featuring the same metal color. Then begin selecting designs with varying diamond shapes, lengths, and other distinctive details.

For example, you may layer a solid yellow gold medallion along with a Solitaire and Knife Edge Bezel Station necklace, or a white gold Bezel Solitaire bracelet with a tennis bracelet. For stacking earrings and rings, follow the same concept. But remember to take piercings and your engagement ring or wedding band into consideration before adding on additional pieces.

Frequently asked questions about fine jewelry

Many unique jewelry styles feature a mixture of diamond shapes. An Alternating Shapes band, Mixed Shape bracelet, and Mixed Drop earrings are examples of mixed-shape styles. Designs from special collaborations, such as, VRAI x RandM and VRAI x Style Me Pretty feature distinctive designs that are also far from traditional.

The most important rule when styling jewelry for women, men, and gender nonconforming folks is to select pieces unique to their individual taste and style. Many women, however, style their jewelry by starting with their favorite metal color or diamond shape. They then layer on these designs by either building a matching jewelry set, or mixing staples and statement pieces.

Men should feel empowered to express themselves through fine jewelry designs that reflect their personal style. Many men will build a fine jewelry collection that works in tandem with their general look. For those with classic or traditional taste, begin with a stud earring, chain bracelet, necklace, or simple band. For those with bolder style, pair Tetrad Rings or a pinky ring with medallions and tennis bracelets.

Jewelry makes a wonderful gift for any and every celebratory moment. But certain styles are more appropriate than others depending on the recipient and the specific occasion. For a friend’s birthday, a thank-you gift, or a bridesmaid gift, small but meaningful designs like a Bezel Solitaire Bracelet or Pavé Hoops are likely best. For an anniversary or a holiday gift for a close family member, diamond-accented designs like an Eternity band or tennis necklace are bright ways of showing your love.

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